Semi permanent makeup also known as microblading, micropigmentation, eyebrow tattoo, permanent cosmetics and cosmetic tattooing.

Cosmetic tattooing provides a safe and natural looking alternative to your daily makeup routine

Semi permanent makeup could be for you. Lasting 3-5 years.

the brows

the process

First you will be welcomed in for a consultation. Jessica will discuss forms and treatment at this time to make sure you are fit and well for the procedure. Any questions you have Jessica will be happy to answer and you can be completely rest assured that no treatment will commence until you are happy and satisfied with the look.
Prior to treatment Jessica will listen and establish the look you desire. With her expertise she will advise you what colour and shape best suit your face. It is in Jessica upmost best interest to make you feel at ease and comfortable. Once she has an idea of the look you are wanting to achieve she will pencil in your brows. You will be shown how your brows look and can adjust the shape until you are 100% fully satisfied with the look. 

After the consultation the procedure can begin, a topical numbing cream is applied to the area to keep discomfort minimal. Jessica offers hair stroke brows or a more powder effect brow, never a block brow!!

the follow-up

After your treatment you will be invited back to clinic 4-6 weeks later for a top-up. It is strongly recommended that you have a top-up at this time for the most effective and beautifulest results. 

the benefits

Who can benefit from semi-permanent makeup?

• Everyone who desires and requires greater definition, to give freedom from the daily application of conventional make-up, resulting in natural enhancement
• Alopecia clients who have lost all or some of their facial hair, including eyebrows or eyelashes
• Chemotherapy clients who may loose facial hair would definitely benefit from Semi-Permanent Make-up, before their chemotherapy treatment or after
• Anyone who may suffer allergies with conventional makeup
• People who have unsteady hands who cannot apply make-up.
• Vision impaired people who have difficulty applying make-up
• Fantastic for professionals who are in the sports industry/athletes, models, entertainers, media figures and actors.

the eyes

the process

The eyes are our windows to our soul so why not enhance them with…

Semi permanent eyeliner/ lash enhancement.

This procedure can make your lashes look thicker and longer, adds definition and colour and makes your eyes really stand out. Tiny amounts of pigment/ink are placed into the dermal layer of the skin creating a long lasting beautiful effect. The area is numbed before the treatment begins.

Permanent eyeliner is a fast growing part of the health and beauty industry.

the lips

the benefits

Semi permanent lip liner also known as lip tattoo, lip blush and 3d lips, is a great alternative to daily makeup whether it be due to medical reasons, lip bleeding, ageing, unbalanced symmetry or to just create beautiful defined lips.

Lip tattooing adds natural colour tones to bring out the most beautiful you. The area is numbed before the procedure and the look and colour is discussed.

the healing

The healing process for any permanent makeup procedure differs from person to persons depending on age skin type and medication. There maybe other factors that effect the healing process for medical reasons, always tell your professional as they can best advise you on this.

It is completely normal for there to be slight swelling or redness after the procedure, this should subside within 2-24 hours. Permanent makeup takes 4-6 weeks to completely heal and for the true colour to show it’s appearance , it is vital that no further treatment is carried out within the 4 weeks after First treatment. The colour can seem unbalanced the first 1-2 weeks, it is extremely important not to pick scratch or peel the treated area as this can cause scarring and uneven healing.

Your professional will always give you verbal and written aftercare advise , it is extremely important to follow this.

Jessica is a fully trained permanent makeup artist trained by adorn who are a leading training School in the U.K. Jessica has since gone on to train in advanced scalp micropigmentation procedures and completed her training with the very best finishing touches who are a leading training company in the U.K. and have training schools all over the world.

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