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Semi Permanent Make-Up
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The Brows

Eyebrows: Before

Eyebrows: After

Eyebrows – Beautiful bespoke brows to enhance your natural features and frame your face. 

You can choose between realism hair stroke eyebrows, which mimic natural eyebrows. Ombre/powder Eyebrows, this style can be as soft or bold as you desire, or a combination Eyebrow, this technique uses both hair strokes and shading to give beautiful natural results.

The Eyes

Eyeliner: Before

Eyeliner- soft subtle eyeliner? Or are you more Bold? Every eye deserves to be seen.

Semi permanent eyeliner can be subtle and soft, so whether it be a soft natural eyeliner that gives you a non -makeup look but defines your lashes making them look thicker and fuller or a more bolder eyeliner that you are looking for, book in your free consultation today.

The Lips

A lip tattoo creates definition and colour to those dull or ageing lips, giving you the perfect pout.

Semi Permanent lip tattoo also known as lip blush, 3d lips and lip liner tattoo, is a great alternative to daily lip makeup. Whether it be due to medical reasons, ageing, unbalanced symmetry or your favourite lip stick wont stay on, lip tattooing creates beautiful defined lips. 


For men considering hair transplantation but don’t have enough donor hair, this is a great alternative that gives a smooth realistic look of a hair follicle. It is also a fraction of the price of a hair transplant and without the need to take daily medication for the rest of your life. 

Meet Jessica

Jessica is a well known respected Permanent Makeup Artist based in east Kent. Jessica has in all over 10 Years experience in the Skin and Aesthetics industry.

Jessica is the managing director of the company Advanced Skin and Aesthetics and is elite trained in Permanent Makeup Artistry, she is renowned for her realism and expertise in all areas of Permanent Makeup.

Jessica’s years of experience has meant that she has gained both knowledge and understanding on different skin types, colour theories and contra-indications that may arise, because of this you can trust that you are in completely safe hands.

Semi Permanent Makeup has rapidly evolved in recent years meaning the demand for regular, up to date training is essential. Jessica has trained with leading training schools within the UK/USA and continues to develop and grow within the PMU [Permanent Makeup] industry and has now become a leading trainer in permanent makeup herself, setting up her own academy and training school.

Jessica is highly focused and passionate about her work and is extremely appreciative to all her wonderful clients for helping her dream become reality.

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for today Jess. You are a truly talented young lady and you’ve done such a wonderful job. Im just so very pleased thank you. I would defiantly recommend Jessica.
Samii H

Colour Boost

It is recommended to have colour boosts every 12-18 months to keep the colour looking fresh, this  will depend on your skin type and life style as this plays a huge factor on how long your permanent makeup will last. It is advised not to let your permanent makeup completely fade away, otherwise the process will need to be started again. If you are unsure whether you need to have a colour boost at any time, Jessica can advise you at any point.



We have done many corrections on Semi Permanent makeup, where clients have been elsewhere, whether it be a bad colour choice, patchy and uneven work or just not what you wanted.

We understand that you may feel nervous and uneasy about having the procedure done again but rest assured we have the expertise to correct and give you the permanent makeup you desire and deserve. Using excellent quality pigments and only the finest products used, Advanced Skin and Aesthetics is a clinic you can trust. There is the occasion where you would need removal for you to achieve optimal results and we have our own trusted therapist that we recommend for this.