Meso Revive

Painless & affordable anti-ageing

Jessica also offers anti ageing treatment called MESO Revive. This is a non invasive alternative to Botox. This is a great treatment that is painless, affordable and will never give you the frozen look.
This is a fantastic new cell boosting skin treatment. The skin is prepared initially with a light AHA peel. MESO Revive is carried out using an instrument which has 18 tiny needles and 13 tiny holes which very gently penetrates active ingredients into the skin. The innovation of the MESO Revive concept is a new and unique approach towards skin improvement and rejuvenation. It is the altogether more natural and subtle way to visibly improve your skin; a great (less invasive) alternative to Botox. MESO revive works by gently delivering effective natural substances into the dermal layer of the skin and to help treat problem areas. The substances reduce wrinkles, stimulate collagen production and re-hydrate the skin. We can tailor make your MESO Revive treatment to suit your individual skin type.

After seeing Jessica’s work I decided to have my eyebrows done and I couldn’t be happier, amazing friendly caring I actually fell asleep while having them done I was that relaxed and that is all to do with how welcoming and kind natured Jessica was towards me can’t wait to have my eyeliner done would definitely recommend best decision I ever made!
Jenna Moor

I was really nervous about getting my eyebrows done, I had visions of me looking like a clown. However Jessica reassured me this would not be the case and drew them on to the shape that I liked before she started. I was scared about it being too painful but Jessica had her magic cream at hand, my eyebrows are amazing and I’d advice anyone to go to her for the best results.
Aimee Parker