Scalp Micropigmentation

For men considering hair transplantation but don’t have enough donor hair, this is a great alternative that gives a smooth realistic look of a hair follicle. It is also a fraction of the price of a hair transplant and without the need to take daily medication for the rest of your life.

Scalp micropigmentation also known as SMP and scalp tattoo, is suitable for both male and female hairloss. Scalp micro implants inks/pigments (mostly permanent inks are used but this will be discussed at consultation) into the dermal layer of the scalp, body or face to replicate hair follicles.
The treatment works well with shaven/bald or thinning hair and creates a very natural, youthful look. Scalp micro can camouflage scars and burns and is a non-invasive and immediate solution for hair-loss sufferers.
It can bring confidence back into the lives of people that have suffered from hair loss for many different reasons and creates a very natural well-groomed shaven appearance for the men that are completely bald or that shave their hair to grade 0.5/1 to disguise balding. It also creates beautiful density for women and men in longer thinning hair.

The Process

Book a free consultation with Jessica and discuss your expectations. Go through a medical consent form to make sure you are fit and well for the scalp tattoo procedure.

Typically it takes 3/4 appointments for the treatment to be complete, however Jessica understands that each client has individual needs and therefore will cater specifically for you as an individual. Jessica works from a Norwood or Ludwig scale of hair loss therefore price is individual to your needs and will be discussed at consultation.

Jessica is known for her realism in scalp tattoo and her artistic flare, so rest assured you are in safe hands.

The Benefits

Scalp micro is ideal for people that have…
• Male/female pattern hair loss
• Receding hairlines
• Crown hair loss
• Head injury
• Camouflage scar/burns
• Covering hair transplantation scars.
• Damaged hair due to hair systems and extensions.

The Healing

The healing process for any permanent makeup procedure differs from person to persons depending on age skin type and medication. There maybe other factors that effect the healing process for medical reasons, always tell your professional as they can best advise you on this.

It is completely normal for there to be slight swelling or redness after the procedure, this should subside within 2-24 hours. Permanent makeup takes 4-6 weeks to completely heal and for the true colour to show it’s appearance , it is vital that no further treatment is carried out within the 4 weeks after First treatment. The colour can seem unbalanced the first 1-2 weeks, it is extremely important not to pick scratch or peel the treated area as this can cause scarring and uneven healing.

Your professional will always give you verbal and written aftercare advise , it is extremely important to follow this.

Had a touch up by Jessica, I am extremely happy with my eyebrows, the shape and colour is great, so real looking . Will definitely be using Jessica again for my touch up eyebrows.

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for today Jess. You are a truly talented young lady and you’ve done such a wonderful job. Im just so very pleased thank you. I would defiantly recommend Jessica.
Sammi H