Semi Permanent Eyebrows

Beautiful bespoke brows to enhance your natural features and frame your face.

Semi Permanent eyebrows are a great hassle free approach from conventional makeup. Many of Jessica’s clients say they spend a long time in the mornings trying to do their eyebrows, but they are never truly satisfied that they look even or even last the day. They say it causes them low self- esteem, embarrassment and confidence issues.
Whether you have over-plucked for years, suffer from hair loss or your finding your eyebrows just don’t grow how you would like them to, or maybe you have hair but it is fair or sparse? Or maybe you want to add more definition? Then Semi Permanent Eyebrows could be your answer.

You can choose between realism hair stroke eyebrows, which mimic natural eyebrows. Ombre/powder Eyebrows, this style can be as soft or bold as you desire, or a combination Eyebrow, this technique uses both hair strokes and shading to give beautiful natural results.

We start with a consultation

You will be invited in for a free consultation to discuss the look and brow you desire. If you already draw in your Eyebrows it is a good idea to come in with them drawn on, or if you have an idea on how you would like them then please bring in a picture. You will need to bring in a list of medications you are taking and be prepared to go through a short medical form to make sure you are suitable for the treatment. Jessica will go through the whole procedure with you and answer any questions that you may have. After completing the form’s you will be given a patch test of the pigments used, this has to be done at least 48 hours prior to your treatment. Jessica will listen and establish the look you desire and with her expertise she will advise you what shape and colour will suit your face. It is in Jessica’s upmost best interest to make you feel comfortable and at ease at all times.

On the day of your treatment

Jessica will discuss forms and treatment at this time to make sure you are fit and well for the procedure on the day. Any questions you have Jessica will be happy to answer.
The area will be numbed with a topical anaesthetic before the treatment begins. Jessica will then take a before picture, this is for your records only unless discussed otherwise, she will then draw in a shape with a cosmetic pencil to suit your face, you will be shown the look and we will go through the colours again at this stage. Once you are 100% satisfied with the shape and colour the procedure will commence.

Semi Permanent Eyebrows is a two stage process, so you will be invited back to the clinic 4-6 weeks later to perfect the look. It is strongly recommended that you have a top up at this stage for optimal results.

Other Semi Permanent Makeup

Had a touch up by Jessica, I am extremely happy with my eyebrows, the shape and colour is great, so real looking . Will definitely be using Jessica again for my touch up eyebrows.

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for today Jess. You are a truly talented young lady and you’ve done such a wonderful job. Im just so very pleased thank you. I would defiantly recommend Jessica.
Sammi H