Semi Permanent EyeLiner

Soft subtle eyeliner? Or are you more Bold? Every eye deserves to be seen.

The eyes are the windows to our soul so why not enhance them with Semi Permanent eyeliner. Jessica has done master classes in permanent eyeliner and specialises in the winged shaded look, although Jessica appreciates this is not the look everyone desires. Semi permanent eyeliner can be subtle and soft, so whether it be a soft natural eyeliner that gives you a non -makeup look but defines your lashes making them look thicker and fuller or a more bolder eyeliner that you are looking for, book in your free consultation today.

We start with a consultation

You will be invited in for a free consultation to discuss the look you desire, it is a good idea to bring in pictures of how you would like your eyeliner or be wearing your eyeliner, it does not matter if it is not perfect, this gives an idea of what you are wanting to achieve. You would also need to bring in a list of medications that you are taking and be prepared to go through a short medical form to make sure you are suitable for the treatment.
Jessica will go through the whole procedure and answer any questions that you may have. After completing the form’s you will be given a patch test of the pigments that will be used, this has to be done 48 hours prior to your treatment.

Many of Jessica’s clients are concerned about the pain with eyeliner but worry not as a topical anaesthetic is applied so the area is numb before treatment begins. Jessica uses acupuncture needles that are known for there flexibility and kindness to the skin, making this procedure comfortable and easy to perform.

EYELINER is a two stage process- although most of the treatment is completed in the first session it is important to have your top up 4-6 weeks later to perfect the look for optimal results.

Other Semi Permanent Makeup

I had my eyeliner done a few years ago and was never that happy with my results after hearing about Jess and her work I decided to have it done again. My results are fantastic and Jessica is lovely. Would highly recommended to anyone.
Charlotte Walden

Had a scar on my lips that I have been so paranoid about over the years, straight through my Cupid’s bow. Jessica tattooed my lips and now the scar has disappeared I can’t believe it!! I’m truly amazed with the results and that’s all thanks to Jessica!
Sharon Moon