Semi Permanent Lip Tattoo

A lip tattoo creates definition and colour to those dull or ageing lips, giving you the perfect pout.

Semi Permanent lip tattoo also known as lip blush, 3d lips and lip liner tattoo, is a great alternative to daily lip makeup. Whether it be due to medical reasons, ageing, unbalanced symmetry or your favourite lip stick wont stay on, lip tattooing creates beautiful defined lips. Lip tattooing adds natural colour tones to bring out the most beautiful lips. Please take note on the healed pictures for this treatment so that you understand the colour process it has to go through. If you are considering a lip tattoo or want to find out more please contact Jessica.

You will firstly be invited in for a free consultation to discuss the colour and look you desire. if you have a favourite lipstick please bring this with you on the day, as the colour can be tailored and matched for you. Please bring a list of medications you may be taking and be prepared to go through a short medical form to make sure you are suitable for the treatment. Jessica will go through the whole procedure with you and answer any questions you may have. After completing the form’s you will be given a patch test of the pigments used, this has to be done at least 48 hours beforehand.

On the day of your treatment

Jessica will discuss form’s and treatment at this time to make sure you are fit and well for the procedure on the day. The area will be numbed with a topical anaesthetic before the treatment begins. A photograph will be taken of your lips for your personal file. Jessica will then pre drawn the outline with a cosmetic pencil before any tattooing. The colour will be made for you and the treatment will only begin once you are fully satisfied with the shape and colour.

You will be given a follow up appointment to attend 6-12 weeks later to perfect the treatment. It is vital that you attend this appointment for optimal results.

Other Semi Permanent Makeup

After seeing Jessica’s work I decided to have my eyebrows done and I couldn’t be happier, amazing friendly caring I actually fell asleep while having them done I was that relaxed and that is all to do with how welcoming and kind natured Jessica was towards me can’t wait to have my eyeliner done would definitely recommend best decision I ever made!
Jenna Moor

I was really nervous about getting my eyebrows done, I had visions of me looking like a clown. However Jessica reassured me this would not be the case and drew them on to the shape that I liked before she started. I was scared about it being too painful but Jessica had her magic cream at hand, my eyebrows are amazing and I’d advice anyone to go to her for the best results.
Aimee Parker